Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top 10 Potential Draft Steals

With the NFL draft taking place in just a few day i thought it'd be fun to look at 10 players who could wind up being big time steals
in the Draft.

1.) Jahvid Best RB California
.Flash back to the summer of 2009 and the biggest threat to steal the Heisman and the no doubt best running back in thenation is Jahvid Best. After a horrific fall this last year and sub par play from his o-line Best fell down as far as 3 on experts running back rankings and is expected to be drafted somewhere in the second round. Jahvid Best in a Elite talent and just as much as a threat as Spiller while Best also has a bigger frame (200 to spillers 196). Best can run routes,catch passes, run in between the tackles, run outside the tackles, and return punts and kicks. Whoever drafts Best will be getting a elite talent and a class act

2) Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame
Wait Clausen? Wasn't he a candidate to go number 1 overall? Well yes he was. The only reason why Clausen is 2 on this list and not one is because he could still go in the top 10. Clausen is the best QB in this draft hands down. Im not saying thatBradford is bad, he's just not as NFL ready as Clausen is, and actually no junior QB in the last 15 years is. For some reason alot of NFL draft experts(Todd Mcshay) think Clausen is no better then Colt McCoy, people also dont like his personality. Well you know who i would say has a comparable personality as him? Philip Rivers and he's a elite QB in the NFL. If Clausen falls out of the top 10 he could fall to the 49ers and possibly all the way to the Cardinals and Vikings. Thats just absurd Clausen has the talent to go #1 overall but i have a feeling he's gonna land out of the top 10 at least

3) Donovan Warren CB Michigan
Warren is an outstanding corner who was considered to be a first round talent this year figuring to go somewhere in between the 19-32 range of the draft. Warren had a good combine showing up in the drills and workouts. What makes Warren a steal then? Well he ran a 4.59 40 yard dash, which for a corner is pretty bad. Warren now has a round 2-3 grade due to his lack of speed. After watching this guy on tape i feel confidant about having him as my No.3 corner as a rookie with the possibility of cracking the starting lineup. Keep in mind this is one of the deepest CB draft classes in years, allowing very talented played to get picked late in this draft.

4.)LeGarrette Blount RB Oregon
After the 2008 Season Blount was widely considered a 1rst to early second round pick, and
then well ya, he got negative yards and punched a boise state player right in the face(a nice
punch too, i mean it knocked the player down). But back on topic, Blount is a specimen at the running back position and he's very athletic for his 245 pound body( see the picture).
Blount is being consideredto be a late round pick after being suspended all year but a few games. But i watched those few games he played in this year and he looked good. Hes fast for a big guy, he can run you over, juke you, or outrun you. Think of him like a shorter Brandon Jacobs. Blounts gonna be a solid running back in the NFL and will start for a team. Mark my words.

5.) Myron Rolle FS/SS Florida State
If you want to hear something crazy listen to this. A NFL GM told a reporter that he wouldn't draft Rolle because he "threw his teammates under the bus" by accepting the Rhodes Scholarship. Now if your unfamiliar with what the Rhodes scholarship is, its an opportunity to study at Oxford University for 1-3 years. Its been said that it's " the worlds most prestigious and oldest international graduate scholarship". Basically by accepting this Myron Rolle would be set for life and be able to get whatever job he wanted after football. Rolle is a genious who happens to be a stud safety as well, anyone in their right mind would except the scholarship. Myron Rolle will be a solid NFL player and was even projected as a 1rst round pick before he accepted the scholarship. He's been out of football for a year now and its dropped his stock but once this guy straps on his helmet a puts a massive hit on a guy people are gonna say "he was drafted in what round?!?!"

6.) Syd'Quan Thompson CB California
Syd'quan Thompson is a vastly underrated cornerback due to his size and lack of elite CB speed. He's supposed to be drafted in rounds 6-UNDRAFTED. Thompson makes great breaks on the ball knocking it down just before it reaches the WR, despite his hight he plays the fade very well knocking the ball down at the highest point. This guy can play he's probally the best corner I've seen play the run and the pass all season long. Im willing to bet he does the same thing in the NFL.

7.) Toby Gerhart RB Stanford
This pains me to do this since Im not a fan of Stanford but one thing you cant over look is Gerharts skills. The guys a beast, i mean he was the runner-up in the Heisman voting and he's supposed to be a 3rd round pick? A yahoo article recently came out with a interview with Gerhart. In the article a AFC scout said something along the line of if Toby was black he'd be a first round pick. Im not the guy who goes out swinging the race card but i gotta believe it could be one issue for Gerharts draft stock. I mean being a white running back isn't exactly a hot commodity these days.

8) Brandon Spikes LB Florida
Spikes was a guy who I thought should have gone pro last season but decided to stay for his senior year. Now this year is stock has fallen pretty hard and is now around a 3rd round pick. In my eyes thats to low for him. Id like to see him get drafted early in round 2. Spikes is a solid tackler in space, takes good routes to the ball and is a great team leader. While he doest have the speed to play the middle linebacker position in the 4-3 I would love to have him on a team that runs a 3-4. If he ends up somewhere with a already established defense watch out because Spikes in the real deal.

9) Eric Decker WR Minnesota
Decker is a guy who's been under the radar all year but i absolutely love the way he plays. He has good size and decent speed and will profile to a solid No.2 receiver in the NFL. Decker has strong reliable hands and runs nice clean routes. It doesn't help him that he played at Minnesota with not very strong QB play but i have faith that he'll be a reliable target in the NFL. I've seen his draft stock hover in the range of round 3-5 but believe he's good enough to go in round 2.

10.) Ed Dickson TE Oregon
Wait is that 5 pac-10 players in this list? Well i guess thats why i call this blog west coast bias right? In all fairness to the players
they all deserve it as well as Dickson.While Dickson isn't the best blocker out there or the fastest tight end, I believe he's going to be a solid starter for his NFL career. Anytime you can get a starter out or a round 4-6 pick (Dickson projected range) you've made a sound pick. Dickson is very consistent, displays solid route running ability, and soft hands. He also was making a name for himself at the senior bowl suprising everyone i guess except well the people who have watched him play. Dickson a great player and no one should be surprised when he becomes a solid NFL player.

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